RV Owners

Is your RV sitting in storage? Looking to purchase an RV that can generate income? Looking for additional tax deductions?

If the answer is yes, give us a call…we can help.

You provide the RV and we will manage the rest, it’s that simple! You will receive 50% of the revenues generated from your unit’s monthly rentals less your insurance and routine maintenance.  And, don’t worry…If you want to take your unit out, no problem. Just call us to block your dates for your unit with as long as it has not been rented out.


UcanRV takes care of everything:

  • STORAGE: Stop paying for storage and let your unit earn you money by renting it out when you aren’t using it!
  • INSURANCE: Add your unit to our commercial RV rental policy which will allow us to rent and fully cover your unit during the agreement. We will issue a certificate of insurance for all units in the fleet. You will be covered anytime you want to use your unit.
  • MARKETING: Include your unit in all of the marketing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. We have hired the best marketing team to assist in getting your unit as much rental time as possible.
  • MAINTENANCE: Provide detailed maintenance and warranty records of your unit while it is in our fleet.
  • MANAGEMENT: Manage all of the rental contracts, rental fees, damages deposits, and send monthly itemized statements and checks to the owners. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.
  • EXPERIENCE: Take care of the rental from start to finish, from a full scale walk-through and test drive, to the return and cleaning of your Motorhome.

Our staff is well trained to make the rental process as seamless as possible. We require a minimum of 3 nights per rental and as the owner, you will have the authority to set the parameters on your unit: long trips, out of state trips, pets, etc., you decide. Each renter will need to be insured through either our choice plan insurance we offer, or add a binder to their current auto policy, meeting all the guidelines from MBA. In addition to being 25 years of age and having a valid drivers license, we will screen all renters to ensure they qualify for the program. We are not a dealer or consignor; we strictly rent units and partner with you to maximize your unit’s rental income.


We are actively accepting low mileage, newer Class A, B & C units. Unfortunately, insurance restrictions limit our ability to accept fifth wheels or pull-behind travel trailers at this time.

We can determine the rental rate for the unit in our free, no-obligation consultation.  Your income will be dependent on the floor plan, year, make, and model of your unit. We are looking for a large variety of floorplans and models in the fleet, with limitations on certain models to ensure marketability of existing units.  All units must be stored at our gated and secure location off Dixie Highway, less than 5 minutes from the Palm Beach International Airport (free shuttle service). We work hard to try and make sure you receive a check every month. If for some reason, your unit is not rented enough in a month to cover your maintenance and insurance, we will cover the cost and back it out of the next month’s rental check so you never come out of pocket.